Daoist Philosphy

I have been studying Daoist philosophy for over 30 years. What I cherish most about the Dao is the life coaching and wisdom. For the first 15 years I understood mostly the theory part; for the next 15 years, I focused more on my practice.

It is amazing when I experience the mindful practice of the Dao: I feel stronger every year (internal strengthening). One Daoist teaching is about “Simplicity”. Our life is too complicated, there is too much we have to deal with.

But we can control our self by practicing “Simplicity”. We don’t need much to live, but we want too much to live. What if we change the “want” to “need”? In fact, no matter how much people may want and possess, many of them are still not happy.

No matter if you are rich or not rich you can still benefit from simplicity. From this practice, you are able to avoid illness such as headaches, insomnia, fatigue, light headache, BP, anxiety, depression, anger, alcohol, bloated feeling, digestive issue, chronic pain, poor memory.

By removing the desire, we could remove our stress. We all know that stress is the number one cause of disease.

Life is too short and every year we get closer to the finish line. Each day you have stress is a day you lost, and we cannot afford to lose these precious days. We need to cherish every day of life, embrace life, and not to let others make us “fearful”.