Authentic Cupping Techniques

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April 14 & 15, 2018
Saturday & Sunday 9am-4pm
Florida Training Location
1214 Fraser Pine Blvd.
Sarasota, Florida

Cupping Overview

Cupping is a natural therapy that has been used in Chinese Medicine for many centuries. Cupping has been used to promote circulation, remove stagnation in both blood and energy pathways. It reduces pain and chronic inflammation, removes congestion, promotes lymphatic drainage, breaks up scar tissue and muscle adhesions, and gets rid of coldness and dampness in the body.

CuppingphotoCupping has been used effectively by TCM practitioners for healing many illnesses. In the United States, more and more holistic practitioners want to learn this ancient technique for healing and prevention.

For massage therapists, adding cupping techniques not only brings excellent healing results, but also reduces body strain. Authentic cupping offers better results than hand pulled suction cupping.

Course Agenda

In this training, you will learn the history of cupping, and the indications and contraindications of cupping therapy. You will also learn authentic cupping techniques, including stationary cupping, energetic moving cupping, slide cupping, jumping cupping, and the use of various size cups, and techniques in various locations on the body.

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