I know I have written PTSD articles before, but I am writing again due to the need from all over the world. Why do so many people suffer from PTSD?

In addition to our chaotic and divided world, we have ourselves, lost inner strength and lost balance in our physical body and spiritual mind which are the most important elements to our health. Just talking about symptoms or issues doesn’t work, it could cause adverse effect from playing the same old tape again and again.

To gain back our inner strength and balance, we must participate in our healing by being actively involved in learning, practicing, and exercising that eventually changes our brain and our health. This way, we move forward.

I have been treating PTSD patients for many years. One of the methodologies I use is to get patients involved in Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice. It has worked very well. What I noticed is that patients became more relaxed, calmer, more easily letting go of the past, and having less tension in their body.

I also notice that they have more smiles on their faces, more joy in their life and spirit. Through consultation, hands on healing and teaching them Tai Chi and Qi Gong, many of them have achieved full recovery from PTSD.

The difference between full recovery and partial recovery was related to their participation in their homework which I gave them each week. Patients who did their homework recovered much quicker and better than who did less homework. For full recovery, it could take 12 months to five years depending on their participation.

Many of the instructors who trained with me also got good feed back from their students. One instructor name Karen wrote this:

“I have been teaching yoga for over 10 years and teaching Therapeutic Qi Gong (certified by Dr. Aihan Kuhn) for 2 years. I teach a class at the Mass General Hospital Home Base Program which is a program offered to Vets with PTSD funded by Mass General Hospital and the Red Sox Foundation.

For 2 weeks Vets who apply and are accepted undergo therapy and healing, Yoga and Tai Chi classes are part of the program. My yoga class includes Qi Gong (which I find to be a wonderful complement to yoga).

At the end of one class after everyone left the room and I was about to leave, when a young man who attended the class came in and asked if he could speak with me. He told me how the class made him feel.

He said that he felt a sense of peace that he had not felt for a long time and wanted to thank me for that and asked if he could give me a hug. I was in tears as I hugged him to know that these wonderful gentle ancient forms of movement can touch a heart that is suffering with PTSD. A memory that I will always treasure.”