Dear Aihan,

I think of your generosity and wisdom so often. You are a role model for me in my own teaching. I currently teach three classes per week – one at an arts center and two at a medical center. All include a blend of qigong and the Yang 24 form. My classes range from 8 – 20 people per class. I am enjoying my teaching so much and it’s keeping me fit and balanced. And I use some of the tai chi movements with my voice students to help them calm their nerves before auditions!

The healing from my hip fracture four years ago continues and improves all the time. I am so grateful for tai chi and qigong in my healing! My balance is now even better than it was a little over a year ago when I studied double fan with you.

I am considering offering a “Tai Chi in 10 Weeks” class starting in January at the arts center where I teach and would like to use your excellent book as the textbook that would accompany the class. Can I purchase multiple copies for my students through you or should I go through your publisher? I may also decide to offer your book at the medical center to any of my students who would like to use it to accompany our ongoing class.

Some of the medical center students have studied for two years or more with me and many have made remarkable improvements in health during that time.

I’m in the process of soliciting testimonials from them – which you have encouraged me to do – and I will share some with you. One of my students has lowered his blood pressure so significantly that he is now hoping to be able to discontinue his blood pressure medications after the next appoinment with his PCP.

Another who is 82 years old and has struggled with diabetic neuropathy in his feet has progressed from having to do only seated tai chi to now able to do the walking form with us. He still cannot lift his feet very high off the floor, but adapts by sliding his feet – such an accomplishment! In fact, recently someone mistook this man’s 70-year-old son to be his father!! He was absolutely gleeful when he shared that experience with me. And he told me his son intends to start tai chi study soon to help reverse some of the aging.

You have given me many gifts, Aihan, and I am grateful to be able to share them with others. I wish you all the best energies around you.