Why am I writing about my life journey? Everyone has unique life. Some have beautiful life stories others must overcome many difficulties on their life journey. But not everyone is willing to put in the time to record these special stories.

As we get older, our memory declines and our brain’s storage space gets smaller and smaller. Our memory is limited but our life experience is not limited. Many beautiful memories (and some not so beautiful ones can be life lessons), and valuable life experiences can be lost if we don’t write them down.

When we get older trying to retrieve our beautiful stories, we got frustrated being unable to do so. This is why I am trying to do it before it’s too late.

By reading our stories, the next generation may possibly avoid our mistakes, and they may have a better and smoother journey than we did. Writing down events and lessons in our lives, we can continue to grow no matter how young or how old we are. At least to me,

I find myself paying more attention to English language structure through my writing, it helps my English writing skills. I may never be perfect, but I know I can improve each year.

I started to write my memoir in 1994. Not only did I have the experience of living in two different countries, two different cultures, and two different educational systems, I also worked in different medical fields. My spiritual growth followed an ancient philosophy: Dao, which had many benefits that saved my health, balanced my emotion, and helped my relationship.

I decided to organize all of this by putting it into a book. Hopefully it will benefit some people or the next generation. I cannot remember everything but some important pieces that either traumatized me or rewarded me I do remember, and these can all be educational or inspirational.

In 2002 or 2003, (I forget the exact year), after I had completed about a third of my story, I asked a publisher if it would be worth it to write a biography and if they would be interested in publishing this kind of book. The answer I got was: “It would not sell unless you are dead”. That was discouraging!

So, I paused in completing this book. But since I had already written nearly half, I decided to put some of the chapters into my newsletter with each newsletter containing one story. My “fans”, (my students and my patients) absolutely loved my stories and told me they could not wait for the next newsletter. So, this was encouraging! So, I got my balance!

After many years of teaching, helping patients get well, and writing numerous other books, I built up more credibility and have more “fans” all over the world. Some former students who had seen the chapters from my newsletters, began asking me when I would be finishing this book. In 2018, I finally decided to complete this project or otherwise my previous work would be wasted. Time is precious and I hate to waste the time. I know it is a lot of work to complete a book but hopefully my readers may enjoy it, or some readers may learn from my mistakes. I am not great at the English language, but at least I am able to tell stories about my life and my healing experiences.

The memoir begins with my childhood, then went through ten years of the “Culture Revolution” which was the most important period in my growth, searching and learning. But, that was a very unpleasant life experience. I then went to medical school and became a doctor, my life turned around for the better. Not so fast, life plays tricks on us. Tragedy came to me at age 30. I Overcame the difficulty, and had a chance to come to America, which was not easy either. From all these years of ups and downs, I finally found my way: the Daoist Way. I hope to finish this memoir and present it to my readers in 2020.

As English is my second language, I know I can never be perfect at it, especially since we lose some of our abilities as we get older. But, if I continue to read, to write, and to speak, I can always improve. Writing is one of the many ways to keep our brains active. I am always learning new words and how to use them correctly. One of my books published in 2008 Simple Chinese Medicine got an award, third place in US best book category in Holistic healing. I cannot believe I became an “Award Winning Author”. In 2017, three of my books were nominated “Best book” in different categories. These books are Brain Fitness, Tai Chi 10 Weeks, and Tai Chi for Depression.

In June 2019, I was notified that my book “True Wellness” co-written with Dr. Catherine Kurosu, had received three awards in three different categories: medicine, health, and nutrition. The less I expect, the more I get. I am so grateful to have Dr. Catherine Kurosu as my writing partner.

I realize the more I write, the better I get. All my students and my patients really enjoy my books and they are motivated from reading them, and they do better in self-care and trying to improve their quality of life.

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