Cancer Healing The Natural Way

In Cancer Healing, we want to use the words “Healing Cancer”, and not “Fighting Cancer”. The word “Fighting” is stressful and is an obstacle to healing.

This special program provides people with two things. First, the theory they need to understand why they have cancer and how to use natural methodologies to heal the cancer.

Secondly, the practice will help them progress on their healing journey. From internal and external, emotional and physical, in daily life and career, this program provides strategies that will change their health and life.

This is why we refer to it as “true healing”. Because, when you feel so well, you begin to heal. The program includes a booklet (the theory part) and videos (the practice part). The theory component is explained in a booklet (PDF file) you can download. The videos which are downloadable features exercises for home practice.

There are three videos in this program: (All are suitable for beginners)
1. Warm Up Exercises
2. Qi Gong for Cancer Healing
3. Tai Chi 16 Steps for Healing

Program Fee $75