It was heart breaking news to hear that we lost one of our favorite entertainers, Robin Williams. Thankfully his humor will stay with us forever.

After learning how he passed, I wanted to address the danger of depression, and offer some healing guidance.

Depression is a major health hazard impacting many people’s lives all over the world. In the United States, one in every five people or about 54 million Americans experience some form of mental disorder each year including depression.

Even though medication may control the degree of depression symptoms, the quality of people’s lives is still reduced. With medication although people can function it is not at an optimum level. Also, medication often has negative side effects that include suicidal thoughts.

Most research focuses on medication as a remedy; but very few initiatives consider natural ways or natural methods. From my experience, natural methods can be very effective in helping with depression. For severe cases, medication is needed, but I recommend that you also incorporate natural methods.

Practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong daily
The body has energy pathways. When an energy pathway is blocked, you will experience various symptoms including depression. Tai Chi and Qi Gong help to open energy pathways, harmonize organ teamwork, promote the mind body connection, and bring more oxygen to the body/brain.

From these movements, your mood improves, your thoughts turn positive and your energy increases.

Do more outdoor activities
Nature provides us with so much beauty, fresh air and non stop inspiration. Take advantage of being outside. We always feel invigorated and cheerful when hiking, biking, fishing, camping, walking, jogging, and playing sports. Make time for these outdoor activities.

Always look for the positive part of everything
There is no such thing as the perfect life, no matter where we are and what we do. We don’t need to focus on the negative part of life. We feel much better by focusing on the positive aspects of life. There are always good things happening in our life that might not be immediately obvious, but they are present. You have permission to change your mindset.

Let go, let go, and let go
We don’t need to remember bad things or unhappy events that happened in our life. When it is time to let go, just let go. It is not helpful to think and talk about the sad things again and again. Imagine you are digging a ditch, burying any unfavorable thoughts and then walking away, not looking back. By practicing letting go, you always move forward to better places.

Consider Chinese Herbal Medicine
If you find a good TCM practitioner, you can be helped with herbal medicine, acupuncture, and Tui Na therapy.

Always have a goal
If you don’t have goal, you may feel like a little boat lost in the ocean. It does not have to be a big goal, it can be as small as learning to play guitar or piano, or learn to cook a special meal, learn to do some exercise, read a book….anything that you might look forward to, anything to focus your attention. Goals help us to refocus & rechannel energy in constructive ways.

Connect with others
Being around friends can make you feel you are part of a powerful group energy. Even the simple act of putting yourself in a social atmosphere can lift your spirits. Visit a place where there are people who may have similar interests as you, such as a museum, park, or mall,

Never hide your depression
Severe depression can be dangerous to yourself or others. Please call your doctor, or your family or friends when you feel hopeless or helpless.