If you are looking for the best Tui Na School, training with Dr. Aihan Kuhn is a highly recommended option. Review what students say about her Tui Na Training Program:

“This course was terrific. I started out feeling very insecure and ended with a ton of confidence. Great teaching method – extremely knowledgeable, fun – I thoroughly enjoyed it. These five days felt more like a retreat. Incorporating Qi Gong was a delightful bonus. Thank you for getting my Qi flowing!”
Maria C.

“Excellent course! So glad I came! Dr Kuhn’s tone, organization and experience level told me that I had come to the source for Tui Na instruction, and feel strongly that I have learned in 5 days what other courses cover in several months. I really appreciate Dr. Kuhn’s ability to strike a tone of professionalism and intensity of focus while remaining light hearted and fun. Thanks so much.”
Candy N, from California

I took your Tui Na course back in April and I wanted to write and tell you the impact you have had on my life. Since our 5 days of work together, I have been asked by both my university massage therapy and acupuncture programs to return and instruct with them. With the acupuncture program I have specifically been asked to teach a course regarding the importance of bodywork with TCM. My passion has returned, and I cannot thank you enough for lighting my fire again.”

“As I practiced the work that you taught me, my confidence in my abilities and my passion for my work returned. Not only was I helping more people through this bodywork, but I was healing myself and transforming. In allowing me to somewhat help out with showing the other students in your class the skill and mastery behind this technique, you opened up my love of knowledge and importing that into those around me. This confidence and skill allowed me a new inner power.”

Adam S. from Canada
“The program was well laid out and a great pace to absorb the anatomy and philosophy while providing enough hands on experience to begin practicing with confidence. Dr. Kuhn really puts her heart into everything she does and is a wealth of knowledge and perspective. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, gift, and tea!”
Mark S
“I write to thank you for your excellent course on the subject of tui na that I took with you last year and to acknowledgehow much your instruction has helped my patients and furthered my practice. During last year’s five-day course, I was impressed at how skillfully you covered a breadth of material in a short length of time. No doubt, you were able to do so due to the breadth of your own clinical experience and a natural ability to demonstrate and competently apply a wide variety of tui na techniques.”

“As I have practiced over the past year and begun to integrate the techniques into my practice, I find that tui na is a wonderful complement to acupuncture. I find that tui na is especially helpful in some cases to perform in conjunction with a needle treatment. For example, a woman came to my office complaining of severe, chronic shoulder pain. Before being able to offer her tui na, I would expect a number of acupuncture treatments would be necessary before achieving significant and lasting results. With tui na, administered before the acupuncture treatment, the patient experienced a significant reduction in pain with the first session.”

“I am excited to be able to help my patients in an even greater way now that I have the tool of tui na available. I look forward to working with you in the future to improve my skills.”

Ton Whiteside, Lic.Ac