Depression Let’s Heal It with Qi and Dao – Part 1

Being a holistic doctor for so many years, I have seen many patients suffering with depression.

Depression has become an epidemic in our modern world. Suicide from depression has become more and more frequent. Why? It seems it does not make sense when we have more of everything. But, it does make sense, because we lost many fundamentals in our modern world.

What are the fundamentals? Let’s think back to past years and what made us happy: delicious homemade foods, family often getting together, friends often getting together, no need to worry about jobs, happy to live with basic necessities, helping each other when needed, able to share thoughts with each other, kind to each other, less stress, etc.

We have time to do these things, or we make time to do these things. Can we restore these? Yes, if we try. Especially if we restore our “Qi” and follow the path of “Dao”.

Our emotion controls everything we do in our life in both positive and negative ways. In positive way, we live with fullness and we are able to make changes so that we can solve problems when we feel something is not right. In negative way, we feel our cup is always half empty and we cannot shake off our sadness, anger, stress, resentfulness and mood swings.

Emotion imbalance is a mild form of depression which is sometimes overlooked by the doctors. Only if you are diagnosed by doctor that you have a mental disease “Depression” which is severe type of emotion imbalance, will you then get pills for this “Disease”.

When you cannot handle the side effects anymore, you become frustrated and may have suicidal thoughts. Sometimes you don’t even know that some anti depressants do have side effects that can cause you to have suicidal thoughts.

How can we deal with this? If we allow the modern world or commercial world to control our life, it will be difficult. If we understand the Dao, we understand “There is always a way”.

No one is perfect, but we can still feel good and enjoy our happiness. We all have some kind negative experience and life is filled with ups and downs. It is never smooth all the time.

Life is filled with Yin and Yang, the two opposites in everything and everywhere: hot and cold, good experience and bad experience, ups and downs, happy feeling and sad feeling, working hard and relaxing. But if we feel down or feel imbalanced, remember this: there is always a way.

Sometimes we may question ourselves: am I feeling lonely? Maybe I don’t have a good friend near me? Maybe I cannot tolerate medication? Maybe I don’t do the right exercise? Maybe Iwork too hard? Maybe I don’t know how to communicate? Maybe my diet is a problem? Maybe I worry too much? Maybe I think too much? Maybe I desire too much?

Maybe I have high expectations? Maybe I lost my spiritual life? Maybe I have too much in my mind “cannot trust anyone”? Maybe I drink too much? Maybe I cannot let go of the past? Maybe I cannot accept the chaotic world? Maybe I am in a negative environment?…….. The list can go on and on.

Whatever reason we think it is, we are “stuck” unless we do something to get “un-stuck”

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