My Uncle’s Story – Part 1

How One Man Faced With Seemingly Overwhelming Health Challenges Was Able To Turn His Life Around By Embracing The Power of Natural Healing!

When I first visited my Uncle in the hospital in October of 2017 not one of his doctors thought he would make anything close to a full recovery.

In fact, the moment that I walked in the room one of his doctors was reviewing their DNR (Do not resuscitate) policy with him because they thought his end was so close!

He had gone in for a routine bypass procedure on his heart earlier in the summer. The bypass itself went quite well, but there were several complications and bad luck that followed.

The list is probably too long to list in this short article but by October his kidneys had failed, he was on dialysis three times a week, receiving nutrition strictly from a tube and had not been out of bed for 5 months.

His mental state was foggy at best. He was on a numbers of prescription pills (I find it hard to refer to them as medicines) that left him for the most part out of touch with reality, chronically dehydrated and bedridden.

I have studied Qi Gong for the last couple years and as luck would have it, spent some time around some very gifted healers practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine.

My interest in natural healing was spurned by the many health challenges my father endured following a stroke years ago that eventually took his life.

It always seemed to me that something was missing in his care, like his doctors and nurses were going through the motions in a factory and not finding the answers necessary to promote true healing.

I did not know about TCM at the time of my father’s illness so I was unable to help very much, but fortunately by the time my Uncle was sick I at least knew where to look for help.

I found Dr. Kuhn online and after reviewing her website and seeing some of the techniques she shared in her videos I felt grateful to find a practitioner in the area that was the real deal.

I know many such people in California where I was coming from but I did not know anyone in this area. This was in early November. Unfortunately, at that time my Uncle’s head was still very cloudy and he refused to meet with Dr Kuhn!

He is an 80 year old Irishmen from NYC and it took some time to break through his preconceived notions about natural healing.

Four more months passed by. He had been in physical, speech and occupational therapy in a rehabilitation center/nursing home the entire time but had not made much progress.

Not one doctor or nurse thought he had any chance of getting out of his wheelchair. They actually discontinued his therapy a couple times because they thought he had plateaued.

Around the new year he had some huge strokes of luck to go along with all the effort he had been putting into therapy and found himself off dialysis and off the feeding tube.

Though still quite groggy he was more himself than he had been the entire time and we thought it was a good time for him to come home with myself as his caretaker for a transitional period.

It seemed like when he was in the rehab he would get at least one infection a month and end up back in the hospital where something always seemed to come up or go wrong.

One time he was rushed to the hospital because they thought he was having some kind of “episode” when he was actually just dehydrated. They put him on fluids at the hospital for a couple days and sent him back! This was his life for 10 months.