My Uncle’s Story – Part 2


He came home March 1. Though his internal organs had shown signs of coming back to life his legs were still failing him. Though he could transfer in and out of the car he could not walk more than a couple steps on the walker with close supervision.

It was at this point that I laid it on really thick and was finally able to convince him to see Dr. Kuhn. In our first meeting he was still grumpy, standoffish and a bit close-minded. His response to Dr. Kuhn asking if he would be willing to do some Qi Gong exercise everyday to support the work she would do on him was a very dry “maybe.” We still laugh about that one.

However, on the way home from that meeting he said to me “You know, she is the first doctor that has ever mentioned me having a chance to walk again.” He had one of the moments where the clouds part and the mind opens, his hope restored in the fact that someone had faith in his potential to heal.

That was eight weeks ago. Though he is not running around the house and doing jumping jacks just yet, he is at a point where when I take him to restaurants he does not need a wheelchair at all. He gets along smoothly and safely on a walker.

His diet (which was once the diet that lands you a triple bypass) has improved significantly under Dr Kuhn’s guidance. No more bacon for breakfast and red meat all day. He is eating his vegetables and drinking his water.

We were able to get his prescription medications reduced by about 75% as well which has been one of the key points in his recovery to go along with the acupuncture, massage, exercise and dietary regimen that Dr Kuhn has put him on with great success. He is mentally clear, light-hearted and optimistic about his future.

Now the grumpy old man who would “never let someone do massage on me” is happy to tell anyone in earshot about his “Natural Chinese Doctor” and the amazing results he has experienced under her care.

I and my entire family are forever grateful to Dr Kuhn for sharing her gifts with my Uncle and giving him a new perspective and approach to life based in the power of natural healing!