Tai Chi shares the same principles with Chinese medicine which are to maintain optimum health and a balanced immune system.  This helps to create wholeness and harmony in the body, and to enhance our self healing ability.  This is done through the practice of Tai Chi by enhancing the body’s energy systems and energy flow.  This is called the “smooth flow of “Qi”.

This type of Qi benefits our organ systems, such as the cardio-vascular system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, muscular skeletal system, and neurological system. It also helps to increase stamina, daily energy levels, and immune function.

Best of all, it balances the two sides of the brain, promotes better learning, enhances memory, and improves body functions – it is like an “Adult Brain GYM”.  If you observed people who have practiced Tai Chi for most of their lives, you will notice the sharpness and clarity of their minds, the intuitiveness, their memory, and their overall alertness.

Those who do energy healing work, body work, or other hands on therapy, may find that their  healing work or therapeutic work is more effective.  We offer Tui Na Training every year. The major difference between regular massage and Tui Na is that I teach students to use Qi rather than just muscle. This means a Tui Na therapist uses less of their energy but produces better results.