Tai Chi movements are slow and circular, coordinate with body movement and breath. People have often told me that Tai Chi is difficult to learn and many of them quit learning.  I respond, yes and no.  If you learn it correctly, it is not difficult.

One of the very important tips in Tai Chi practice is that you must relax and let go of everything in your mind and body.  I often find that people are very tense in real life and during Tai Chi practice.  As soon as you relax, you can feel the moving energy.

The theory is that the total relaxation practice allows your energy to flow smoothly.  If you tense, you create energy blockages I call “The traffic Jam”, which will make the learning much more difficult.  Breathing is slow and deep and coordinated with each movement.

For beginners, the breathing is not emphasized, because the movements are complex.  Once you have mastered the movements, you can incorporate the breath.  My Tai Chi Basics DVD can help you to build a Tai Chi foundation that will make your learning easier.

Before practicing Tai Chi, you should always do 5 to10  minutes warm up exercises.  After practice, one should do some stretching.

If you feel very comfortable about your practice, consider taking my Tai Chi Instructor Training Course because there are many opportunities for Tai Chi instructors.