Tai Chi Instructor Training Level 3 Certification

Intensive Training for Advanced Students and Instructors

January 13, 14, 15, 2018
Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Training Location
1214 Fraser Pine Blvd. • Sarasota, Florida

Call 617.877.0272 to schedule private training or via Contact Form

Tai Chi Teacher Training Course

Course Overview

This course is offered for students who took Tai Chi Instructor Training Course I and II, or for people who have practiced Tai Chi/teaching Tai Chi for over 5 years. You will continue to learn and refine silk reeling skill, Tai Chi Push Hands, Tai Chi Martial application, two people Tai Chi practice (Tai Chi in Harmony).

We will also refine Tai Chi form 42 Steps Combined style. At the end of the training, students will receive certification for Tai Chi Level III under Dr. Kuhn.

Course Agenda

Day 1:
Silk reeling practice, two people practice
More learning on Tai Chi Push Hands

Day 2:
Continue to learn/practice Tai Chi Push hands and Tai Chi martial art application
Refine Tai Chi 42 Steps combined Style

Day 3:
Tai Chi two people practice

Tai Chi Instructor Level 3 Course Registration

Course Fee $475
To Register Call 617.877.0272 or
via PayPal

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