This program is designed for individuals who live far away, or individuals who have a schedule conflict and are unable to take both parts of the Tai Chi Instructor Training Course in Sarasota, Florida.

The course offers full instruction on how to learn Tai Chi and how to teach Tai Chi the efficient way. Students will follow the instruction manual and DVD step by step. In 4 weeks, students will complete this course and be able to teach a basic Tai Chi class.

Your Home Study Course Kit Includes:</font color>

Instruction booklet (manual) with all details, break down to 7 days, for a month

There are five videos or DVDs for home practice:
– Video I: Warm Up Exercises
– Video II: Tai Chi Basics, Tai Chi Qi Gong
– Video III: Tai Chi 13 Movements
– Video IV: Tai Chi Stance and Steps
– Video V: Tai Chi Form, 24 Steps Yang Style

In your home study kit, you will also receive my books: “Tai Chi for Depression” and “Natural Healing with Qi Gong”.

When you have completed the home study portion, you will be required to share with others or teach other whatever you have learned from home study kit. Be sure to write a teaching journal to prepare for course II.

Once you have gained some teaching experience, you will need to take the Tai Chi Instructor course II in person at my Sarasota, Florida training facility in order to be certified. If you cannot make the date for course II, you may schedule private training for course II. If there are circumstances preventing you from traveling, we can work out other arrangements using Skype.

Once you completed both parts of the training, the Tai Chi instructor certificate will be issued.

The Home Study Tai Chi Training course fee is $400 plus S/H $25. The course fee is nonrefundable.

For More Information, Please Contact Us.